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Front office buildingAt Para Hills High School, our approach to learning develops the unique talents and interests of each young person. We say to students “it’s your vision and your future - we will do our best to help you achieve it”.




Our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Rigour - doing your best, underpin our approach to ensure each student is engaged in learning. Our highly skilled staff work closely with the Student Representative Council and our parents through our Governing Council. Our commitment to maintaining excellent communication channels between the school and parents has enabled Para Hills High School students to have excellent attendance rates (only 2% unexplained absences) and a student retention rate better than other schools in the Northern Region. Our improvement goals for 2019-21 are:

Through each priority we are ensuring that our education and well-being programs are of the best possible quality. We provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes mutual respect and tolerance for others, self confidence, responsible decision making and acknowledges and celebrates personal and team achievement.

All of our school leaders have been chosen for their leadership skills, ability to model excellent teaching practice, and care for our students.

Parents, caregivers and friends are very welcome to contact me at school for further information or to arrange to visit our school. It will be our pleasure to walk around the school with you while the students are in class and tell you about our school programs and answer your questions.

Alina Page