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About our Disability Unit

At Para Hills Special Education Unit, we support students with a complex range of special needs and students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) The Unit is a self-contained set of classrooms that are connected to the mainstream school. It consists of five specially designed classrooms to cater for a cohort of around forty students. Four of the classrooms provide ‘special class’ curriculum and support to students through a modified curriculum, smaller class sizes, additional SSO support and other accommodations and adjustments as required. We also have a specialised ASD class with more intensive support to cater for the sensory needs of the students.

Students in the ‘special classes’ are grouped loosely by year levels, with students moving to other unit classes depending upon their ability in individual subjects. In addition, unit students move as a class to specialist learning areas such as Art, Technology, PE and Home Economics utilising the mainstream facilities and with the support of mainstream specialist teachers.

An ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) class constitutes of eight or more students from Year 8 to Year 12. These students are exposed to intensive learning in daily living; social skills; and community access programs to help prepare them for life after school. A fenced courtyard and play area allows these students to develop skills of interaction, boundary training and personal space.

Teachers from the mainstream work hand in hand with teachers in the Unit to provide enriched (i.e. coupled with social skills and behaviour management) learning programs that allow students to feel engaged and included in the school community at Para Hills High School.

Enrolling your child at the Special Education Unit is completed through the regional Education District Office, when your child is in Year 7. A transition program is then instigated in Term 4 of the year to prepare them for the following year.