Aboriginal Programs

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South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA)

The South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA) offers young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students a range of highly engaging learning and personal development opportunities.

The SAASTA program is a key component of the Department for Education’s 10-year Aboriginal Education Strategy aiming to improve outcomes and success for Aboriginal families and students. It builds on the education offered in schools, giving students opportunities for ongoing personal growth and cultural experience.

Our academy works with school leaders and local communities to give students the skills, opportunities and confidence to dream, believe and achieve in the areas of education, employment, sport, healthy living and connection with their culture.

Our SAASTA students are encouraged to aim high and raise the bar of expectation they place on themselves and their peers, particularly in the areas of attendance, participation, educational performance and behaviour. Both male and female students in years 10, 11 and 12 who are studying the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) can apply to join SAASTA.

Academy students can expect:

  • to be led by quality, engaging and inspiring teaching staff and tutors
  • their own academy room, providing a space for academy classes and activities
  • a complete academy uniform, senior’s jumper and playing gear for sports competitions and carnivals
  • individual support and mentoring
  • cultural inclusiveness and connectedness
  • to learn leadership skills
  • to increase self-confidence and resilience
  • to be ready for employment or further education
  • to be heard
  • a fee-free place in the program.

We are proud that in 2022 approximately 70% of Stage 2 SAASTA students achieved a B grade or higher.

SAASTA Connect

SAASTA Connect is a curriculum program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in years 8 and 9 providing a pathway for entry into the SAASTA program in senior years. The program is a series of culturally appropriate curriculum resources that focus on healthy living, cultural identity, Aboriginal language, traditional sports and respectful relationships.

Within the program the Ngarrindjeri language is taught as a key part of the curriculum. Language lessons will be delivered by the Connect teacher in collobaration with an Aboriginal person with extensive knowledge of Ngarrindjeri culture.

The program incorporates learning on and about country as well as promotes engagement with elders and the local Indigenous community, ensuring students engage in culturally appropriate and inclusive learning.

STARS Program

The Stars Foundation has been offering full time in school support programs for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women at risk of disengagement from school since 2022. 

The mission of Stars Foundation is to support and enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women to make active choices towards realising their full potential in all aspects of development and wellbeing. 

We are proud to be the first and only school in South Australia to partner with the STARS Foundation.

A good education lays the foundation for success in life and achieving a higher level of education is one of the key factors most likely to reduce Indigenous disadvantage in Australia. Stars offer specially tailored mentoring and support programs for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. Stars offer a range of activities to the girls, including sports and physical activities, art, music and dance.  Community and volunteering activities are also provided to support the girls to build their confidence and give them opportunities for personal growth.

The key to the success of the program is our full-time on-site mentors, who provide our girls with the intensive, daily support they need to identify and achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The program focuses on four key areas of personal development through the Stars Plan:

Healthy Lifestyles


Education, Training and Employment

Community, Culture and Leadership

Each Stars student works closely with her mentor to develop a plan to help her move positively towards making active choices about her future.

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