Student voice

Student leadership day out 2
Student voice is more than just students 'having a say' or 'being heard'. Student voice encourages student leaders to actively participate in decision-making at school on elements which shape their overall educational experiences.

To be successful, schools must value the perspectives and opinions of students and act on them in a way that genuinely shapes learning and decision-making at the school. At Para Hills High School, we encourage our student leaders to:

  • represent the views and opinions of the student body in an unbiased manner
  • be role models within the school community
  • encourage and drive innovations in the way learning activities are implemented at Para Hills High School
  • foster student wellbeing and academic achievement through positive interventions
  • facilitate effective communication between students, staff and the wider school community on issues that affect the student body
  • be a conduit for school policy improvement and change
  • provide leadership and direction for the student body to progress the long-term needs of the students and reflect the changing school community, fostering a safe and inclusive school.

All student leaders receive SACE credits on a pro-rata basis for self-directed learning which contributes to their overall academic standing. 

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