What we offer

Para Hills High School offers a varied education portfolio that meets the needs of a diverse student population. We are proud to be able to cater for all levels of learning difficulty and disabilities.

In years 7-8 we have a strong focus on interdisciplinary learning and learning in context. Year 9 starts introducing subject choices, which then leads into introducing SACE work in year 10. Students have the opportunity to gain 30 SACE credits by the end of year 10, giving them a head start in their senior years.

Our creative curriculum provides significant levels of support in all Australian Curriculum subjects as well as a wide-range of co-curricular activities to enrich student learning. Other key features of our curriculum include:

  • A strong literacy intervention program that focuses on enabling students to accelerate their progress in key skills
  • A focus on engaging PHHS and students from neighbouring schools in Aboriginal language and culture through SAASTA, SAASTA Connect and Ngarrindgerri language classes
  • 5 disability unit classes and 1 special class tailored to students with disabilities
  • A dedicated inclusion team consisting of professionals such as a mental health support worker, psychologists, youth workers, a family therapist and a pastoral care worker who work closely with school leadership to support student wellbeing.  

Special interest programs

  • music with career pathway programs for years 7-12
  • performing Arts program for 7-12
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) for years 10-12
  • South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA) Connect for years 7-9
  • South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA) for years 10-12

International programs

  • performing Arts program, including study abroad program
  • study tours


  • English as an additional language or dialect (EALD)
  • Japanese for years 7 – 12
  • Ngarrindgerri for years 7-12

Sporting activities

Despite being smaller than many schools, Para Hills High School has a strong tradition of athletics and success in district and state competitions. These include:

  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Indoor cricket
  • Badminton
  • Netball
  • Weightlifting

In addition, our South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA) students take part in the SAASTA Power Cup, which sees students play 10 9-a-side football games with rival schools.

Co-curricular and student participation

Other co-curricular activities on offer include:

  • student leadership program
  • student government links
  • Australian Business Week
  • Premier's Reading Challenge
  • lunch-time sports activities including soccer, basketball and indoor gym
  • robotics, technology and lego clubs
  • national academic competitions in Mathematics and Science
  • annual drama and dance performances
  • school band
  • dance club


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