Arrangements for high school


Years 7-11 

All students in years 7-11 are expected to bring their own devices starting in week 1. These can be purchased from any retailer, but we urge you to match the specifications listed below or purchase through our BYOD program. 

If students will be using the laptop for the entirety of high school, we recommend purchasing a device with higher specifications to cater for all avenues of learning.

Year 12 

In 2023, students in year 12 will be able to access a school laptop for a year-long loan, if needed. We still encourage students in year 12 to bring their own devices, as they are often better quality and more reliable than the ones the school is able to provide, but a device will be available for them to borrow if needed.

Current year 11 students will keep the device they currently have over the Christmas break and be able to use them as a year 12 in 2023.

Purchasing a device through the school

Students can purchase a laptop device through our BYOD provider ‘Learning with Technologies’ (LWT) or via another retailer. To access the LWT portal, click here. 

Once purchased, the device will be delivered school-ready with the necessary resources downloaded. All repairs, warranties and insurances for the device are handled through LWT’s next day onsite support service. By purchasing through LWT, students receive 3 years onsite warranty as standard and have the option of purchasing the device through payment plans or adding optional extras such as accidental damage cover.

Note: if these devices are well-maintained, they can last for up to 5 years.

Using an existing device or purchasing through another retailer

The minimum specifications for students bringing an existing device (or purchasing a device through a different retailer) are:

Device type

PC or Tablet PC

  • consider a touch screen with stylus for design and art focused students
  • Chromebook or android devices not supported
Screen size
  • 14” screen or larger (14" recommended)
  • consider touchscreen
Processor Intel i3 (minimum requirement)
RAM 8 GB minimum or 16 GB preferred
Hard drive 256 GB SSD or higher
Operating system

Windows 10, Windows 11 or Mac OS X

  • not supported- Linux, Android, Windows 7. 8. 8.1, RT, 10S, Chrome OS
  • keyboard
  • USB port
  • headphone port
  • in-built microphone
  • webcam
Battery life

Minimum of 8 hours

  • please note that it is school policy that devices are fully charged at the beginning of the school day

If using an existing device, students will need to connect to the Para Hills High School Wi-Fi network on their first day and follow the prompts on the BYOD portal (accessible from the school website) to download appropriate resources, settings and certificates. The school’s ICT Department will be able to assist with minor troubleshooting, however parents/caregivers will need to manage the device’s warranties, insurances and repairs.

Please note, Chromebooks/Android devices are not supported by our BYOD program


School devices on loan

Day loans

These devices are available to borrow from the Resource Centre whilst a student’s laptop is being serviced, in other ways unavailable. Laptops can be borrowed in the same way books are borrowed and will need to be returned at the end of the day to be charged overnight.

Note: In the case of loss or damage as a result of negligence, abuse or malicious acts, parents/caregivers are responsible for meeting the cost of repairs or full replacement of all categories of devices on loan.

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