Para Hills High School is proud to announce the introduction of Qkr! (pronounced - Quicker).

Qkr! is a free mobile application that enables mobile payments for school-based accounts. Qkr! allows parents and carers of students at Para Hills High School to use their smartphones to pay for their school fees, saving time and alleviating the hassle of having to give your child money to carry to school.

Our office will receive daily detailed reports on all payments. The application utilises MasterCard Technology to ensure the safety of all information and allows you to pay with any bank credit, debit or pre-paid card accepted by our school.

As time progresses, we will be expanding the items available on Qkr! to include excursions/incursions.

For those who may need some extra guidance and help with setting up your Qkr! accounts, and understanding the features, please utilise the 'Tip Sheets' located below.

Tip Sheets
Adding multiple payment cards and keeping your payments safe
Adding or deleting payment cards
Can two parents set up an account for the same student?
Removing unwanted items from your shopping cart
Keep track of your Qkr! payments with handy itemized eReceipts
What is the reason for having a child's photo on the Qkr! app?
How do I add or update a photo of my child on the Qkr! app?
Should I log out from the Qkr! app for security?

Web-based version is available once you have registered your email address from the following link:

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