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Our mission, to develop young people confident in their abilities, secure in their identity, aspiring in their purpose, and valued for their contribution, reflects a culture of high achievement and enriched learning across our student, staff and community. Each student at Para Hills High School is unique in their interests, abilities, culture and career pathways. As a school, our number one priority is to nurture our students’ talents and foster a culture of personal growth where they can harness their individuality and turn it into a success. 


At Para Hills High School, our attitude to education develops the unique talents and interest of our students. Our highly skilled staff work closely with the student leadership team and governing council to ensure our students remain engaged in learning. Our commitment to maintaining open and honest communication between the school and parents has enabled our students to have excellent attendance rates and a high student retention rate. 

Our improvement goals for 2022 - 2024 are:

  • Improve the literacy (reading, writing and oral language) levels of students across the school
  • Increase the number of students progressing into SEA and High Band achievement levels across the school.

We are aiming to ensure that our education and wellbeing programs are of the best possible quality.  We provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes mutual respect and tolerance for others, self confidence, responsible decision making and acknowledges and celebrates personal and team achievement.


Please read our school policies and procedures.  Click on each to read -

Acceptance Use of Digital Technology

Bullying and Harassment

Mobile Phone Policy

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